Utah Soldier Support

  Dear Hero . . .

  How to write to a Soldier

   You write 'em - We'll get 'em to a soldier who would love to hear from you!

   As nice as it is to receive awesome letters and coloring pages from children, it's also a great gift to receive

   a sincere note form an adult.  But you just don't know what to say or how to start.It's not as hard as you might


   Here's some things you can do to make the gift easier and more meaningful:

  • Enlighten them with your gratitude and thank them
  • Share what you are thankful for - freedom, security, home, etc.
  • Let them know what you are proud of
  • Describe your life - it's nice to read about real people back home
  • Share your Military history - veterans understand and appreciate with common experiences and understanding
  • Share your families' Military history
  • Tell them you think of them - veterans understand and appreciate with a lot of commonalities
  • Go long!  Soldiers love long letters with interesting stories, home front news - the fun and happy ones are best

   If  you're wondering about writing, that usually means it's something you should do.  People write for many different reasons.  The best letters are the ones

   that come from the heart - you have a big heart - you can do this!