What we do

Why the funny name?

Operation Adopt a Ghost began in March of 2008 when Sgt Christian "Fox" Larsen was deployed to the Middle East. "Fox" was serving as Medic for the Utah National Guard in a taskforce made up of soldiers from Utah and New Jersey.  This young medic was worried about four soldiers in his care who didn't have a lot of support from home.  Fox asked his family to let these soldiers know people cared about them.  What began as taking care of four soldiers quickly evolved into supporting the entire taskforce of almost 200 soldiers.  That simple request sparked lots of interest. A small band of volunteers made up of family, co-workers, and friends became Operation Adopt a Ghost - a unique way for people to support to our soldiers and express gratitude to those who give so much tangibly. 

The idea for our name and the passion behind the service came from Fox.  A one-year deployment project evolved into supporting many groups.  Over the years, Fox's vision of personal support and tailored giving grew and grew.  Today, Operation Adopt a Ghostcommits itself to continuing Fox's passion and his caring. with  every shipped box and every soldier family assist.   As long as soldiers have needs and volunteers and supporters have soldiers in their hearts, we will carry on.

Founder: Christian "Fox" Larsen

We continue in your honor. .


Year Round:
  • Deployment Packs
  • Cards and Letters
  • Special Needs Requests
  • Local Guard and Reserve Pantry support
  • "Valentines" Project
  • "Last of the Chocolate" Project
  • "Caring with Cookies" Project
  • "Beach Party" Project
  • Giving Garden Harvests
  • "Halloween Goodies" (aka "Chocolate is BACK!") Project
  • "Holiday Home" Project
  • Christmas Shipments
  • Soldier Santa
  • "Warm Hearts" Project

Utah Soldier Support

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